The Erich Weininger violin, made in the workshop of Schweitzer, Germany around 1870.

Erich Weininger was a butcher in Vienna as well as an amateur violinist.  When the Nazis marched into Austria in 1938, Erich was arrested and sent to Dachau, where he managed to bring along his violin.  He later was sent to Buchenwald and though he was not allowed to play there, he still kept his violin.

In a miraculous way, Erich was released from Buchenwald by the help of the Quakers.  He then returned to Vienna only to be one of the very last Jews to escape Nazi Europe.  He boarded an illegal boat to Palestine, but was soon arrested by British police who did not allow Jews to come to the country. Erich, with a violin in hand, was deported to the Island of Mauritius off the coast of East Africa where he stayed till the end of WW2.

While in Mauritius Erich did not go idle. He started a band with other deportees, playing classical, local and even Jazzmusic in Cafes, restaurants etc.   He reached Palestine in 1945. His violin was given to our project by his son, Zeev.