The Friedman violin:

This is a typical story of a Jewish family in Romania.  Two sisters, 9 and 11 shared the same violin.  Both took music lessons with a nice teacher while their mother watched over and made sure they practice every day.  During the war, being transported from one place to another, they lost touch with their parents who kept the violin as a souvenir of their little talented girls.

When the war ended the girls were taken by Aliyat HaNoar (children immigration organization) and sent by boat to Palestine.  But this was not the end of their travels and troubles. British police, then in control of Palestine, sent the boat and all immigrants to a camp in Cyprus. Months later the sisters were reunited with their parents and the long gone violin when they arrived in Israel with thousands other survivors who were interned in Cyprus until the establishment of the state of Israel in May 15th, 1948.