The Haftel violin made by AugustDarte in Mirecourt, France around 1870.

This violin belonged to Zvi Haftel, the first concert master of the Palestine Orchestra, later to become the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, IPO.  It is a French instrument made by a famous maker: August Darte in the town of Mirecourt around 1870.

Heinrich (Zvi) Haftel was one of about 100 musicians gathered by Bronislav Hubermann all over Europe in 1936 and brought to Palestine.  Haftel was a distinguished violinist before the war and joined Hubermann after he lost his job in a German orchestra.  Hubermann's vision to create an-all-Jewish orchestra in Palestine saved the lives of many musicians and their families.

Haftel's violin is one of the best in the collection of Violins of Hope.